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Welcome to Vitória Sport Clube, our unique Portuguese GFA member club

Dernière mise à jour : 7 août 2023

One of the most famous Portuguese club historically.

Founded on September 22, 1922, Vitória Sport Clube celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2022. Its emblem depicts D. Afonso Henriques, the first King of Portugal, a symbol that inspires a Club of conquerors, of fearless men who fight bravely for their goals. That is why Vitória Sport Clube athletes are constantly nicknamed Conquistadors. The Club's colors are black and white, which symbolize the openness of Vitória Sport Clube to receive everyone, without discrimination based on race or social status. Over the years, Clube do Rei, as it is often nicknamed, has established itself as one of the main Portuguese clubs, successfully participating in several national and international competitions.

Both Presidents underlined their common vision of football.

António Miguel Cardoso, the president of Vitória SC, expressed his honor with the invitation. “It is with pride that Vitória Sport Clube is part of the Global Football Alliance. This is a pioneering strategic alliance, with Vitória SC now becoming the representative of Portugal”, he stressed.

Bernard Caïazzo, president of the Global Football Alliance, noted the entry of an important partner. “We can learn from Vitória SC, just as Vitória SC can learn from us, just as we all learn every day. The common point between all Alliance clubs is the fact that they want to learn, evolve and be better. Better not because we are billionaires, but better because we exchange ideas and, sometimes, in small ideas, we can find a new world”, he explained. Aware of all these advantages, António Miguel Cardoso has no doubts that Vitória will come out ahead in terms of “worldwide projection”. “It was an honor to receive this invitation. We are certain that it will be a very important partnership for the growth of Vitória SC. Our commitment is to be an active member of this alliance, seeking to contribute with innovative ideas, in the certainty, however, that when we work together, success will always be closer”, he commented.

Our objective is the same : Together, We Are Stronger.

The 20 clubs that make up the Global Footbal Alliance, including Vitória SC, are committed to the forefront and modernization, which is why they look to the near future in a very concrete way. Bernard Caïazzo went into detail: “In football, and for the members of this Alliance, the key question is the following: what will football be like in the next five years? This is an interesting point and all together we have to build football for the next five years. We have to understand more and more what football will be!” “This is the reason why we are very happy for the arrival of Vitória SC to the Global Football Alliance”, he added.

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