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Global Football Alliance is a strategic alliance of non-rival football clubs around the world with the ambitious objective of : 

- sharing innovative ideas

- creating synergies

- leveraging our alliance on global scale. 


Our mission is to unite at least 25 top clubs from 25 countries or more around the globe around a common goal.

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Sharing the best practices

The best practices are defined as strengths on which club members have developed an expertise which they will share with the other members of the Alliance. 

How ?

  • Allowing Alliance members to optimize their products and revenue models

  • Extending strengths Alliance members

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Establishing an international scouting and recruiting network

Creating a synergy between recruitment centers of member clubs

How ?

  • Creating an international priority network for players to sell

  • Gathering players data available in each country of Alliance member clubs

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Optimizing training and sports performance for athletes

Enabling players to benefit from mutualized medical skills and services at the cutting edge of the technology

How ?​

  • Optimizing player performance and sports ecosystem through skills exchange

  • Enabling players to benefit from technology that will help them in sports injuries and rehabilitation

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Supporting member clubs to increase productivity and competitiveness

Increasing the competitiveness of clubs will encourage foreign investment, but also the capacity for innovation and economies of scale

How ? 

  • Diversifying revenue streams including mutualized sponsors and partners, increasing financial competitiveness of clubs

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Encouraging member clubs to innovate and digitally transform

Digital has impacted the football world and will continue to do so

How ?​

  • Assisting Alliance clubs in the execution of digital transformation
  • Mutually invest in new technologies & projects 



The next steps to go further

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Communication platform open 24/7 for member clubs to constantly communicate about new revenue streams, player development and exchange, new shares projects, and challenges.

Keep a live chat open

Regularly invite football experts via webinars and digital conferences to discuss the issues in football

Webinars and live videos

Once monthly in-person or digital meeting of all member clubs focused on various themes, such as stadium, commercial revenues, and digital marketing.

Digital meeting

A different member club will host all alliance clubs for a quarterly summit in their cities, sharing the experience of their club including stadium visits, key issues and challenges.


Conference hosted by one club


If you are interested in becoming a partner or a member club of the Global Football Alliance, do not hesitate to contact us.

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