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AEK Athens FC

AEK Athens FC is a Greek professional football club. It is based in Nea Filadelfeia, a suburb of Athens, Greece. The men's professional football team play in the Super League Greece, the top tier of the Greece football league system. The club was founded in 1924. AEK Athens' stadium is the Olympic Stadium Athens "Spyros Louis", with nearly 70,000 seats. 


AEK is one of the three most successful teams in Greek football, winning 30 national titles and the only one to have won all the competitions organized by the Hellenic Football Federation (12 Championships, 15 Greek Cups, 1 League Cup and 2 Super Cups). 


The club is represented by Angeliki Arkadi (General Director) and joined GFA on the 19th of August 2021. It is our 18th GFA member club.

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