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Global Football Alliance (GFA) announces Official Cryptocurrency Partner Trakx

Dernière mise à jour : 11 août 2023

Paris, August, 10th - The Global Football Association (GFA) is proud to announce its initiative to expand its circle to innovative brands that will revolutionize the world of football. By leveraging the power of organizational best practices, marketing, digital, and fan experience, GFA aims to seize market opportunities and create a more connected and inclusive sports community.

About Trakx

Trakx is a global fintech company creating new standards for digital money and crypto investments with a team of former international bankers and high valued technologists.

Through our trading platform, we offer thematic Crypto Tradable Indices (CTIs) and customised solutions, providing investors a high degree of compliance, custody and liquidity. Trakx is registered with the French regulator (AMF/Banque de France)

Trakx is pleased to partner with GFA to propose to football world, different football clubs ecosystems, its managers, its players, its supporters and friends, secured and serious crypto investments.

About Global Football Association (GFA)

The Global Football Association (GFA) is a leading organization in the world of football, focused on promoting organizational best practices, marketing, digital, and fan experience. By partnering with innovative brands, GFA aims to create opportunities for growth and positive change within the global football community.

Linking with Trakx for Enhanced Crypto knowledge, International Reach based on a Strong Keyword

Through its extensive networks and expertise in sports and event business, GFA is dedicated to identify opportunities and help brands grow, ultimately benefiting the global football community. GFA recognizes the importance of partnering with innovative brands to unlock growth potential and elevate the football industry to new heights. With blockchain technology an ever-growing market and cryptocurrencies gaining trust and acknowledgement by wider society, GFA has recently partnered with Trakx to extend their marketing and commercial portfolios to include these new technologies. The adaptability of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology means it can be useful to football clubs, and the size and value of the market means it can be lucrative for clubs to expand the scope of their commercial ventures.

Welcome to Trakx, our second GFA partner!


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