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Welcome to Fanswaves, our first GFA partner

Dernière mise à jour : 7 août 2023

Global Football Association (GFA) Opened its Circle to Innovative Brands, Enhancing Organizational Best Practices, Marketing, Digital, and Fan Experience

Paris, April, 18th - The Global Football Association (GFA) is proud to announce its initiative to expand its circle to innovative brands that will revolutionize the world of football. By leveraging the power of organizational best practices, marketing, digital, and fan experience, GFA aims to seize market opportunities and create a more connected and inclusive sports community.

GFA's Expertise in Identifying Potential and Fostering Growth

GFA recognizes the importance of partnering with innovative brands to unlock growth potential and elevate the football industry to new heights. Through its extensive networks and expertise in sports and event business, GFA is dedicated to identifying opportunities and helping these brands grow, ultimately benefiting the global football community.

Linking with Fanswaves for Enhanced Stadium Capacity, International Reach, and Fan Engagement

In line with this innovative approach, GFA has recently partnered with Fanswaves to optimize stadium capacity, expand international reach, and enhance fan engagement. By joining forces with Fanswaves, GFA aims to promote human values and address social issues, leading to a more inclusive and connected sports community.

A Future-Proof Strategy Built on Strong Keyword and Semantic Cocoon Principles

GFA's partnership with Fanswaves exemplifies its commitment to staying ahead of the curve and embracing the semantic cocoon strategy. By focusing on strong keyword use, GFA ensures that its press releases and other content are optimized for search engines and provide valuable information to fans and stakeholders alike.

About Global Football Association (GFA)

The Global Football Association (GFA) is a leading organization in the world of football, focused on promoting organizational best practices, marketing, digital, and fan experience. By partnering with innovative brands, GFA aims to create opportunities for growth and positive change within the global football community.

About Fanswaves

Fanswaves is the only app in the world that helps fans to get organized in order to attend events as ONE on a massive scale.

Fanswaves is designed to simplify the decision making process between fans to organize their moves. It removes the pains of browsing tons of websites, being redirected several times (even for payments…), communicating with everybody to validate options, paying upfront for the group and… waiting for a refund ! Stressful.

Fanswaves is a social network focused on fans that have the particularity to embed a marketplace where you can find and buy event tickets, your transportation, your accommodation without redirections and and with payment facilities (split payment, pay in several installments, etc…)

Be among the first testers and get early access here 👉🏽 :


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